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1st International Conference Phenomenological Perspectives on Cultural Change and Environmental Challenges

International Conference:
Phenomenological Perspectives on Cultural
Change and Environmental Challenges

22-24 September 2011, Vilnius

In September 22-24, 2011 Lithuania will host the first International Conference: Phenomenological Perspectives on Social Change and Environmental Challenges, which will be held in Vilnius. The conference is open for philosophers, urbanists, educators, and other academic scholars interested in being part of a global shift to integrate meaningful social change and environmental resiliency. The purpose of the conference is twofold: 1) to develop phenomenological discours and 2) to develop the paradigm of ecological sustainability and social wellbeing that reintegrates human systems with more-than-human systems.

The conference will bring together scholars from around the globe for a three-day conference. We anticipate the gathering will extend beyond its location with web conferencing, satellite locations, and long term affects that reach beyond the event and will nourish participants as they continue to work with their local institutions and organizations. We are seeking participants who will share their insights in rejuvenating the world around us by reflecting the phenomena of life environment, closing the gap between culture and nature, bringing together a variety of disciplines, and participating in the creation of an eco-humanistic culture.

The Conference will focus on the following themes:

1. Phenomenology, Intentionality, and Social Change
2. The concepts of environment (Umwelt) in phenomenology
3. The phenomena of social, cultural, economical environment
4. Differences and Similarities Between Nature and Culture
5. Synchronization of Social Change and Environmental Resiliency
6. Phenomenological Perspectives on Economics, Politics, and Environment
7. Phenomenology, Globalization, and Environmental Sustainability

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